Monday, December 21, 2015

Bolt Action in the Pacific

 I have been building some 28mm terrain for a WWII pacific table. I'm working on a lot more vegetation but we have a good start and set up to play an 850pt per side game of bolt action pitting my USMC and Merrill's Marauders squads against my friend Bill's IJA. Bill handily won the game by shredding two Merrill's marauders squads in close combat. Unfortunately the lighting over my table is a little low so the pics are a little blurryI hope you'll enjoy some of the action shots from a very fun game.

Baron Takeichi Nishi and his force

Elements of USMC & Merrill's Marauders


USMC sniper team on the left...more on these sad sacks in a moment

An IJA squad leader dropped by the sniper team. After this great shot the team rolled 1's for the rest of their shots in the game, which totaled three I believe

Baron Nishi observes as his troops eventually push everyone off the high ground