Dark Future - in 20mm

I've long been a fan of the apocalyptic road warrior genre in movies, books and games. In1988 GW launched it's Dark Future game and I immediately scooped it up at my flgs sure that my friends and I would be playing it for years to come. Interest in the game fizzled quickly though and I've only ever played a few games but still pick up the odd hot wheels mini when I see a model I can't resist and spend a few hours ripping it apart and arming it to the teeth. Here are a few of the vehicles I've kept in my "garage" over the years. Someday I may yet tackle the rather cumbersome Dark Future rules or maybe a better set has yet to come along.

 An old Ford coupe with dual machine guns

The Metrorail with a minigun added

Porsche turbo built for speed

crotch rocket
Psycho biker
....trouble is his middle name
A ganger separated from his ride
Best of luck & drive safe!!

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