Perry Miniatures 28mm Plastic Ansar Painted

I recently obtained a small horde of the new Perry Miniatures plastic Ansar from Neal at the Warstore. You can build the whole box of 40 as nile arabs or Beja. There are 3 sprues each containing 12 bodies with separate heads and arms holding mostly spears, a few swords and a couple of rifles. There are 4 sheathed swords as well so you can make about half the men as sword armed. There are 2 small command sprues each with a couple of bodies and head and arm options to make a leader, and standard bearer or a drummer. The instruction  sheet has a full color painting guide and 6 Mahdist flags the are nicely done. The figures are easy to assemble. I just finished painting a test figure. One down just over 300 to go!


  1. Over 300 to go!! If the rest look as good as this one they will look great.

  2. Thanks! Yup, it's time to dig in and paint!