Gladiator Wargaming in 1/6 scale.

The Starz show Spartacus  prompted me to look around at various gladiatorial combat miniatures rules in search of a fun set to play. I usually prefer super simple rule systems but since gladiatorial combat focuses on single combat I considered that certain level of detail would be required for a fun game so I dug out my old copy of the Avalon Hill boardgame Gladiator.

Copies of the game are apparently still fairly easy to find and there is somewhere on the web that you can get the game on a disk as well. The rules are not super complicated and are written in the usual AH law book fashion which can be a chore to get through at first. If able to round up a buddy and try them out a few times I think you'll find they quickly become easy to play with enough tactical decision making to provide quite enjoyable games and campaigns. The categories of fighters in the game are light, medium and heavy and the advanced rules allow use of the Retiarius.

The models are rather expensive but I decided to use 1/6 scale gladiators since: A) figure count is low, B) there are several awesome models available, C) there are enough loose parts & depots around that sell them to build a few on your own and  D) I couldn't stop myself! The manufacturers are : ACI Toys, CM Toys, Kaustik Plastik & Dragon Models.

The game is hex based and I decided upon an 8" grid mat which I still have to construct along with figure stand game bases which I am about half finished with. That said I thought I would introduce my stable of fighters "We who are about to have our fate decided by dice roll salute you"

Flamma the Murmillo

 Crixus, Murmillo

The Andy Whitfield Spartacus

Saul the Retiarius

Amjad the Syrian 
 Javelins and short spears can be made from craft store skewers with spearheads made from milliput

Celadus the Thracian.  

The mysterious Flamma cloaked before the games.

I've found the 1/6 Action figure bases by sideshow toys  to be the most suitable for game bases. I will paint them tan and either glue onto a hex card base or simply add a directional dot to indicate facing.
That's it for now,  I'll add some in game pics if I actually get that far lol, It's been a fun project so far..

2 new fighters in the Ludus!

Spiculus,  Dimachaerus

 Threptus the Gaul

Making a gladiator hex mat

I finally got around to making a game mat for a gladiator play surface. I bought a piece of tan fabric roughly 5'x10' and used the tecnique from this post on terraGenesis:

 Using the materials above I stamped a black dot on the 6 open spaces surrounding each plate then moved the rear two rows of plates in front of the first row and stamped again. Continue this process until the fabric is covered and you have a minimalist 8"hex playing surface.

                                Below, Atticus the provocator spars with Spiculus

Let the games begin!
Flamma pitted against the fearless undead!

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