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Still a work in progress but I finally have enough troops and terrain to run a first game of Sharp Practice. The battle features a French force advancing from camp to meet a similar sized British force. Each side has several leaders. The French force consists of 3 regular units and a unit of coureurs des bois while the British also have 3 units of regulars plus a unit of rangers. I'll try to get some additional pictures during the test game. Almost all the minis are 28mm Old Glory.
 The French rather late to move out of camp with the British already in view.
 Major Slackbottom leading his troops. Always the gentleman and forever doffing his hat.

Test Game

A few days after the post above and I added a few more terrain pieces and  ran through a few turns to absorb the rules. I'm enjoying Sharp Practice and for a bit of additional support there is a QRS sheet available via TMP for the new players produced by Andy Watkins:

Also there is a 2 Fat Lardies produced QRS on their forum that includes information for the veteran user concerning situations that occur less frequently.

 In turn one I ended up pulling almost all the French chits before any Brtish ones came out which allowed the French commander (level 2) to form the 3 units of regulars into formation and move up the road forming into line on the following turn. The CdB moved up to enter the woods on the French left. On the British side only the leader of the ranger detachment (level 1) activates  before the tiffin was pulled so he orders his unit forward through the woods.
 Next, the British commander (level 2) forms 2 units into formation and advances while his subaltern moves the third unit of regulars up behind them (the rules call for closed columns to be half the unit wide with 2 ranks but in this setting 2 files of 4 ranks works better in confined spaces). The British formation subsequently forms line and advances while the French straighten out their line and the CdB move rather slowly off into the woods to the left of their line.

Now within long range, the rangers open fire. Their leader pumps up the effectiveness of the fire a bit with drawn command chits causing a casualty and adding 1 point of shock to each of the other two units in the French formation.

The French line presents arms and fires a controlled volley. Several command chits were added to hopefully make the first volley even more effective but fairly dismal dice rolling resulted in only three hits: one casualty, one miss and one point of shock.

Next turn and the rangers light up the French line a bit more applying another kill and two points of shock on the formation. The CdB advance and fire on the British line causing 1 casualty.

 The third unit of British regulars joind the formations left flank and open fire followed by a weak volley by the French line.

  During the next turns random events first cause the nearby cabin to catch fire followed by the French line becoming inspired to "charge them to hell!"  after firing another volley. 
 The French line charges forward 11" ending only a few inches short of contacting the enemy in fisticuffs. The formations of both sides will need to reload before firing again, or maybe they will charge right in.

In the final turns the leaders of both sides attempt to fortify their men, reducing shock points, and continuing to exchange volleys. With both sides unloaded the French decide to close with the bayonet and obtain a decision...

...but they get the worst of it, lose the melee by a point and must withdraw 6".

The fight was a tough one and all the involved officers receive minor wounds but the the heavy application of shock points on the French formation causes their center group to break and the group on the right flank to involuntarily withdraw even farther beyond the initial 6" withdrawal for losing by a point. The French commander decides it is time to retire. In the end both sides suffered heavy losses within their groups of regulars (14 casualties out of 24 men on each side) but the shock to the French force turned the tide. It may have been possible for an experienced player of the rules to rally this force and continue the fight but it was a good place for me to call a halt and reread the rules to see if I made any glaring errors.

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