Corsairs of Umbar- Reaver Conversions

The Reavers are a fun, two sword carrying troop type from GW's  LOTR mini's game for the Corsairs of Umbar army list. They are the only type of corsair which was not available in kit form. I recently picked up a box of Wargames Factory plastic viking bondi and found that the arms and weapons work well to convert GW plastic corsairs into reavers. There are four sword and shield equipped corsair poses on the GW plastic sprue. The pictures below show each original pose (left) and the same pose converted with WF bondi bits (right). There are only 12 unsheathed swords in the bondi box which limits how many reavers you can make but using them all for conversions should still allow you to assemble the historical  bondi models as the sprues are loaded with with spears, axes & bow.