Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1/72 WWII Wargaming- German Radio Vehicle & 81mm mortar. Russian AT gun.

It was the multiple vehicle quick assembly kits from Pegasus, Plastic Soldier Company & Armourfast that lured me back into 1/72nd WWII gaming but I knew that to field some of the more specialized vehicles I would need to purchase detailed model kits. I bought an ACE Models K.f.z. 17 Radio vehicle for my Arty Regt HQ. The kit contain a dizzying 100+ parts, with much cleaning, sanding and gnashing of teeth required. I did a pretty hack job on it and I'm glad that its finished. I'll probably only need one more radio van for my army. Ha, I've become so spoiled and impatient due to Testors liquid cement and Armourfast type kits that I expect to assemble a  1/72 vehicle in 20 minutes or get all cranky about it. In the picture below, the building in the background is a Pegasus Hobbies Russian log house (Izba). The farm house, barn & wooden fence are from a Mini Art set  1/72 East European Farmyard.
The sandbags, bench, radio and funk soldaten warning division HQ that they are about to be overrun are all from the Airfix forward command post set.

I also finished the support weapon company of 1st Bn PzGren Regt GD. The Pegasus Hobbies 81mm mortar is shown below.

 Last is a Russian 76mm AT gun by Italeri along with some PSC Russian Infantry a few Caesar partisans and a Pegasus BA-6 armored car. The AT gun set comes with 2 guns with movable trails and 12 crew.

Thanks for visiting and thanks to you all with gaming blogs of your own that have provided me inspiration and much enjoyment.

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