Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Battle north of Albany 1689 using Donnybrook rules

We used Donnybrook rules to play out a fictitious engagement in 1689 which has the largely Dutch local militia in open rebellion upon arrival of news of the Glorious Revolution against James II.

Units of militia seize the local fort. Upon hearing of  the approach of regulars from Albany the militia promptly abandons the fort, retreats west into the woods but then doubles back determined to fight after scouts report the approaching force is smaller than anticipated and the already gathered militia force also expects to be reinforced as word of the rebellion spreads. It's at this point that our battle begins with the duke of York's independent company guided by a party of Indians & loyal frontier militia arriving at the fort. They make their way off the beach forming a skirmish line to engage the onrushing  militia.The battle included a large running fire fight, infantry assaults and cavalry charges. Only after an entire day of fighting would the local militia grudgingly cede the field to the regulars.
Rioting civilian mobs and local militia men rush towards the approaching regulars, some manning the redoubt west of the main fort.
Local frontiersmen and allied Indians advance before the column of independent company soldiers. 

units of militia foot and horse rush forward.

After a fierce firefight a militia unit is routed 

Militia cavalry charges into a band of Mohawks, chasing them back into cover.

After the initial rebel assaults are repelled the regulars are eventually form a cohesive firing line. Their disciplined volleys take a heavy toll and repels the rebel attack.
Late in the day the rebels finally bottle out and fail their force morale check (by 1 pip!) The mobs retire  into the woods to lick their wounds and plot anew. 

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