Saturday, May 7, 2011

1/72 WWII Wargaming- Infantry figures.

I'll end up painting a lot of infantry for this game and I want to get them done quickly and simply while still trying  to be neat enough so that they will look decent on the table. I've just finished the HQ and support weapons sections of a partisan brigade. The figures are from Caesar Miniatures' French resistance fighters set and Balkan partisans set.

A 50mm mortar converted from an Italeri Russian inf figure with the mortar tube cut down and his head swapped for a partisans.

A Partisan machine gun team converted from a Zvezda machine gun team and Caesar partisans.

A Caesar miniatures French underground fighter
Caesar Miniatures partisans surround a PSC German Infantry figure

A test figure painted as Waffen SS from the Caesar Miniatures Panzer Grenadier  set.

Lastly a Pegasus Hobbies 12cm mortar from the German mortar set. The set comes with 3 8cm mortars, 2 12cm mortars and 23 crew.

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