Monday, May 2, 2011

1/72 WWII Wargaming- Panther G & Opel Blitz

 Armourfast Panther G. The Box makes two tanks. They go together very quickly and contain very few parts. No commander figure is included but the commanders hatch can be glued closed or converted easily to attach in the open position. The main gun must be assembled static horizontally. An Orion commander is mounted in the closer tank with a Ceasar panzer crew figure in the far one. An airbrushed late war 3 color camo scheme and some basic weathering wash & drybrushing makes these kits highly serviceable wargame pieces.
The Pegasus Opel Blitz. Look no further for your motorized needs! 2 truck kits included, each with a pop on/off molded plastic canvas covering. With canvas top removed, the troop space contains benching for passenger figures if you provide your own. The kit does provide a nice driver figure in soft cap for each model. Very few parts as to be expected and the kit goes together in minutes. The best part about this kit in my opinion are the thick axle posts that match up to the holes in the tires very snugly and solidly allowing the tires to be glued on quickly and set down to dry without risking poor looking wheel alignment.

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